Photo Booth

1.  We offer a formal posed portrait background, which is still used to this day, but less popular than it used to be.  We do not charge the school to supply the themed photo background, studio strobes or the staff of photographer, poser and cashier.  We offer photo packages that start at $17.00 and go up from there.  The $18.00 package includes 2-5×7 photographs and the price includes the sales tax.

2.  We also have two types of photo booths that are very popular, the first is called an open air booth.  It consists of a custom designed background to fit your theme.  It is an open space with lights, laptop, printer, props and such.  The props will also be custom designed to match your party.  The open booth can accommodate 2 to 15 people at a time.  The template is also custom designed to match the theme of the dance.  It can have just one photo taken or four.  We them print 1-4×6 for every person that is in the group photo.

The second booth option is a closed booth, which consists of a 5×5 foot pop up tent with a bench inside as well as the laptop and studio strobes.  It is designed more for couples or small groups of 5-7 seven people. The groups of 5-7 people in the closed booth makes for a very tight fit photo opportunity.  This booth automatically prints two 4×6 photos after every set of photos captured.  Multiple printing beyond two per session is not available for booth, because it slows down the printing time.  The printer typically is finished printing the two images in less then 30 seconds after the students leave the booth.  We also of course supply photo props that are specially matched again to the theme of the dance.

3.  The third style of photo booth is titled a Flip book booth.  It is a video station in which the couple of small group of 3-4 students.  They then are recorded on video for 9 seconds as they move and dance around, once finished they can review what they did.  If they approve of the video, we then print and assemble a 2×3 inch photo book of 28 images.  If they do not approve of the video, we film it again and and then print the book.    The book is bound in a custom designed photo jacket.  The equipment and assembly team can produce approximately 50 books per hour per booth.  It takes approximately 3-4 minutes to print and bind each book after the video is approved.

We do have rental fees for the photo booths and flip books stations.  We offer a discounted rate for schools that use our services contractually.  The normal rate for the standard open air booth or closed pop up booth is $750 for booth, but your discounted rate is $550 per booth.  The time allotted time for the rental includes up to 3-4 hours.  The set up and tear down is not included in the 3-4 hours.  We always arrive approximately one hour or more before the start of the dance and then tear down within 30-45 minutes at the end of the dance.

We do not charge extra for the set up or tear down time.  The Flip books station rate is $3500.00 for two booths and as duration of 4 hours.  The discounted rate for the school is $2600.00 for two fully operating flip books booths and also consists six booth operators.  (Three operators per booth)  You may also select just one flip book booth for a discounted rate of $2100.00.  It also has three operators attending to the assembly of the books.